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What Is A Hat Trick In Hockey? What To Do With Hats?

What Is A Hat Trick In Hockey?

Hat tricks refer to the player who scores three goals in a single game, which causes the crowd to throw their hats on the ice.

This is a common practice because of the difficulty in scoring three goals during a game. Goals in overtime and regulation count towards a hat-trick; however shootout goals don’t.

What Is a Natural Hat Trick?

The natural way to perform a hat trick differs somewhat from a hat trick and is more complicated, therefore, rarer. While a hat trick occurs when an athlete gets three goals during a game, a simple trick to the hat is when the player achieves three goals during a game, which means that no other player scores between that player’s goals.

Another natural trick variation occurs when the player can score three goals in the same period. This kind of naturally occurring hat trick is rarer than the first.

What Is a Double Hat Trick in Hockey?

Although the term “natural hat trick” might not sound intuitive, the “double hat trick” is what it says it is. But, just like naturally occurring hat tricks, there are two distinct interpretations for the double trick.

A first example is when an individual scores six goals during a game. The second definition refers to when two players of the same team record one hat trick during an identical game.

While both of these feats are rarer than the natural hat trick, they’re possible and have been done several times throughout hockey’s history.

What is a Gordie Howe hat trick?

A Gordie Howe Hat Trick happens when a player can score goals, receive an assist, and be involved in an argument during one game. The term was coined in honor of Gordie Howe since it represents an athlete who is complete and can play a full game. Gordie Howe is considered to be the most versatile player of all time.

It’s funny; Gordie Howe did not master all those many Gordie Howe trick hats. Rick Tocchet is the all-time top performer with 18.

What’s a Texas hat trick?

A Texas Hat Trick refers to the player who scores four goals in a single game.

What can they do with Hats From the Hat Trick?

If a player scores his third goal and scores a “hat trick,” it is among the most stunning scenes of all sports that happens. Fans scatter hats on the ice in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The game is suspended while officials rush to pick the hats.

The delay gives time to remember the feat that was achieved by the athlete who scored three goals during a match. However, the question is, “What do they do with their hats?”

The answer is, “it depends” it’s a matter of personal preference. Numerous things could happen to the hats, depending on the team and player.

It’s important to note that only when the hat trick happens on the ice at home will there be a flood of caps in the first place.

Some scattered (hats) could make it onto the ice if the opponent team scores the hat trick, to the fans’ displeasure.

One possible outcome of a trick with a hat is that the person will save the hats. Of course, if there are hundreds of hats on the ice, players won’t need every single one of them. However, certain NHL athletes have also been reported to keep a hat or two to commemorate their tricks with hats.

Another alternative is to give the team back to their supporters. For instance, the Ottawa Senators, for example, will give their fans a few weeks to get their hats back following a hat trick.

It is necessary to describe your hat clearly to return it. Make sure you’re aware of the cherished hats you’re throwing.

Other teams make the hats thrown onto the ice into a display that is a trick in the arena. The Columbus Blue Jackets and Washington Capitals are two teams with similar shows and attempt to have hats on display whenever they can.

Another option becoming more sought-after is for teams to give their hats to local charitable organizations. While it’s unclear what charities use the hats for but it’s nice to be aware that teams seek to give back.

In many instances, the hats are handed out. If you’re honest, it is logical. If thousands of hats were placed on ice, not all of them will be used. You never have any idea who lice are.

The history of the hat trick

So, how did this custom of putting your hat on the ice after scoring their 3rd goal commence?

The year was 1946. A teenage not very talented forward from the Chicago Blackhawks by Alex Kaleta went shopping into the men’s clothing store in Toronto before playing against the Leafs. Kaleta placed a bet with the store’s owner, Sammy Taft, that should he score three goals during the game, Taft would reward him with an available cap.

Taft recognized that Kaleta wasn’t an effective goal scorer was also aware that it was hard for him to get three goals, so Taft took the bet.

But, Kaleta scored three goals during the game and took home the new cap from Taft as his reward. Some reporters were interested in the report and were quoted by Taft as declaring, “Yeah, that was some trick he pulled to get that hat”.

Taft was adamant about the opportunity for promotion that came up and said he’d offer a hat to any Toronto Maple Leaf player who scored three goals.

From that point onward, whenever a player has scored three goals during a game, it is known as the hat trick. Taft stopped the tradition of giving players hats. However, fans continued to follow the rule of presenting their “hat” to the player credited with scoring three goals and throwing the hat over the skating rink.

It is important to note that there’s been some debate about the origins of the term hat trick. However, this version has been that the Hockey Hall of Fame believes to be accurate. [1]

What Happens When a Natural Hat Trick Takes Place?

If a hockey team from home player scores three consecutive goals in a match, the home crowd throws their hats onto the ice. But, they can throw other items on the ice in celebration of the successful hat trick.

For instance, supporters of The Nashville Predators will throw catfish on the ice. The Detroit Red Wings will throw the octopus. A majority of teams in the National Hockey League do something unique, which makes catching the perfect hat trick a fun experience whenever you go to different places.

Who Has the Most Natural Hat Tricks in NHL History?

It is believed that the NHL record for most natural hat trick belongs to Wayne Gretzky at fifty. At times, NHL players and their fans call a hat trick” Wayne Gretzky Hat Trick ” because his name is associated with this accomplishment.

In one season, one of the most famous hat-tricks Wayne Gretzky had was ten; something was done twice in his career. He did ten hat tricks two times when playing for the Edmonton Oilers.

How Often Do Hat Tricks Occur Hockey?

As you may have guessed that, hat tricks are incredibly uncommon. A single player who can score three goals in a game is less common than other noteworthy accomplishments in hockey, like shutouts or shorthanded goals.

In the 2018-19 NHL season, for instance, there were 97 hat trick attempts, totaling just 7.6 percent of games during the season. However, shutouts took place during that time in 12.1 percent of games, while shorthanded goals occurred in 18.3 percent of games.

And 97 hat tricks within one season are an impressive number. In the 2017-2018 season, there were just 81 hat tricks, while in the year prior, there were just 59. That 98 is the number of hat tricks during one season in the NHL over the past ten years.

If you attend the NHL game and get a chance to witness a hat trick, you’ve seen something extraordinary and rare.

Who did the fastest Hat-trick?

The most impressive hat trick in history was achieved in Chicago Blackhawks forward Bill Mosienko on the 23rd of March 1952. In a match in which the Blackhawks were playing the Rangers at Madison Square Garden, Mosienko scored three goals in just 21 seconds.

On each of three occasions, Mosienko was able to get around defenseman Hy Buller, who was on a broken leg for the understaffed New York group.

Bill nearly scored a fourth goal in the space of 26 seconds, but he missed the post after beating the goalie with a deke.

This record will never be broken. The second-fastest record was set performed by Jean Beliveau, who scored three goals in just 44 seconds.

The most recent “fast” feat was achieved done by Brayden Point from the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2018, doing the feat in 91 seconds. In today’s NHL, this is truly amazing!

Has Anyone got the Natural Hat Trick in the Playoffs?

Wayne Gretzky has the most games-winning hat tricks, with 10. The hat tricks that he has ten occurred with teams like the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St Louis Blues, and the New York Rangers. Following Gretzky, Two athletes (Maurice Richard and Jari Kurri) have seven hat tricks throughout their professional careers.

When Did the First Hat Trick Take Place in Hockey?

The first official hockey hat trick was played in 1917 under Harry Hyland.

Conclusion [What Is A Hat Trick In Hockey?]

The chance to witness a hockey match that ends with an unnatural hat trick is not often thrilling. Fans and players of home hockey are aware of the event and will figuratively and physically give the player a rousing ovation for their feat. Another exciting aspect of this hat trick is that every home arena does something unique to honor the player. Some teams throw hats onto the ice, and others throw some fish!

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